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24:7 Needs YOUR Help!

As you know, we started our 24:7 Theatre Festival in 2004 with nothing but goodwill. Its continuing success elicited the backing of financial and in-kind supporters. However, the increasing need for “match funding” has prompted us to set up a Crowdfunding campaign to attract some cold, hard cash. Set within an ever-changing financial climate, 24:7’s “Can-Do” attitude towards theatre production has always won through and now you have an opportunity to collaborate with us in a direct, practical way!

24:7 alumni past and present have already lent their support to the funder by filming short sequences (watch the video here). TV actors such as Joe Sims (Broadchurch), Noreen Kershaw (also a BAFTA-winning director) and Vicky Binns (formerly of Coronation Street) are behind the project. Incentives include goody bags, tickets for the Media Launch and Festival shows, meeting patrons and celebrities, and sponsorship of the individual plays and workshops.

To lessen the financial risk, a Big Festival Weekend will replace our usual week-long event. A programme of new plays, monologues, workshops and family friendly pieces will take place from 24 – 26 July at the Martin Harris Centre for Music and Drama at Manchester University.

Pledges are coming in, so for more information and details of how to join in with Crowdfunding for 24:7, go to http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/247-big-festival-weekend-2015 now – or, at the latest, by 8 April.

Be Part of our 24:7 Big Festival Weekend 2015:

FOOT IN THE DOOR The 2015 application window for our development scheme for young creatives (Foot In The Door) is now open and will close on April 7th. For more information and how to apply please visit our FITD page and download the application document.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a 40 – 90 minute script and Site Specific Ideas! Our adjusicators are now busy reading them all. We are looking forward to the productions being performed from 24-26 July 2015 at the Martin Harris Centre, Manchester University.

Manchester Theatre Awards: The winners were announced on Friday 13 March

Unfortunately, none of our 24:7 nominees were successful, although all were strong candidates.

Best Fringe Production:
The Tongue Twister by Luke Walker
In My Bed by Rebekah Harrison

Best New Play:
In My Bed by Rebekah Harrison

Best Fringe Performance:
Olivia Sweeney in In My Bed
John Weaver in Afterglow

Our one winner was not on this list and it came as a surprise to the team. Exec Producer David Slack received a Special Achievement Award from the judging panel for his work with 24:7 over the last 10 years.

CLICK HERE for full details of all the MTA winners.


The 24:7 Theatre Festival is a unique event, helping to promote new plays while developing the emerging talent of writers, directors, actors, producers and technicians. It has been held annually since 24 July 2004 (hence 24:7) and in that time some 166 productions have been seen in non-theatre spaces across Manchester, including hotels, bars and, in 2008, a music shop.

Scripts submitted  for the Festival undergo a blind adjudication process, with feedback offered at each stage. Writers making it through to the final stages receive mentoring and dramaturgical support, essential for writers serious about developing their scripts and careers.

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To further maintain and develop our unique relationship with writers, this year 24:7 is not only continuing to run writers’ lunches and writing events, but will offer mentoring support and one-off workshops. We are also hoping to offer dramaturgical support, rehearsed readings with actors, and discussion groups.

“Writers have always been at the forefront of what makes 24:7 unique,” says Writers’ Liaison Ian Townsend, “and in 2015 we intend to continue our support and encouragement. It really does show how passionate 24:7 is to develop emerging writing talent, helping writers get to grips with their plays and how to make the best of them.”

Following successful scratch nights, where plays written under strict conditions in a tight timeframe are performed by 24:7 Players, further opportunities will be available to help motivation and inspiration. And Writers’ Lunches are a great way for writers to come together to discuss various topics, or just to help with focus and ideas.

Watch this space for the next events in the calendar!

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