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How is 24:7 promoted?

The Festival is promoted via our website, email, word of mouth, a comprehensive brochure, editorial, listings in newspapers, magazines, social media, others' websites, and an outdoor poster campaign. We also actively seek to cross-market with likeminded festivals and events.

Is there a volunteer presence?
Yes. Creative passion is the lifeblood of the Festival and it thrives based on the generosity of our wonderful team of part-time staff and volunteers who, led by experienced managers, donate their time and expertise to make each year a massive and resounding success.

How is 24:7 made known to members of the performing arts industry?
Specific invitations are offered to members of the media, reviewers, artistic and casting directors, promoters, casting and literary agents, both locally and nationally.

How does 24:7 fit in?
24:7 is now considered as a regular annual event, so there will always be a target for writers and performing companies to aim for and for the public to look forward to. It is our hope that writers, performers, directors and technicians will seize this opportunity to work in harmony with the public to celebrate and enjoy an array of talent that until recently has remained largely undiscovered, under-resourced or under-utilised.

How is 24:7 managed?
A small steering group is responsible for each of the business functions in the lead up to the Festival. Team managers and other volunteers join in at the appropriate time.

Who is behind the 24:7 Theatre Festival?
The 24:7 Theatre Festival is operated by 24:7 Theatre Arts Network Ltd, a not-for-profit limited company dedicated to the promotion of creative talent in the region, with emphasis on the spoken word.
Registered Office: Ground Floor, McLaren House, Lancastrian Office Centre, Talbot Road, Manchester M32 0FP

24:7 information line: 0845 408 4101