Brief Encounters: 6 Open Air Monologues

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A series of short open air monologues inspired by famous Manchester scientists. These will take place around the University Campus. Meet at the Martin Harris Centre foyer 15 minutes before performance time. Please dress weather appropriate. This is a promenade production.

This is a free event. Join us Fri 24 at 6.15pm, Sat 25 at 2.15pm and 6.15pm, Sun 26 at 2.15pm.

Writer: Jojo Kirtley, Jane Tonge, Sue Blundell, Anne Haydock, Alan Cliff, Mari Lloyd
Director: Aelish Michael, Sushil Chudasama, Antony Bowers Smith
Type of performance: Promenade, Outdoors
Running time: 60 Minutes
Rating: PG
Show warning:
Venue: Meet at the Martin Harris Centre
Company website:
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    Jenny Owen- HeadshotAdj

    Catching Up

    It’s two months since I started my internship with Scallywags theatre company, and it feels a lot longer… in a good way!

    My creative ideas have been encouraged and welcomed by the company, which has been great for me (and hopefully for them too!). I’ve learned and achieved a lot from being in the production process from the beginning. I’ve been a part of developing the story, writing songs, and building characters – literally, building and decorating masks and puppets!

    As an assistant producer, I have been a part of drafting press releases and inviting guests to “The Butterfly’s Adventure”. What I found most interesting about this was the writing style, as we struck a balance between the professionalism and fun-loving nature of the company.

    The social media strategy has been a fun challenge for me. I based it on the colourful images, and exciting captions that had worked well for the company previously. My aim was to focus the social media on Martin the caterpillar’s journey through rehearsals, to build the character voice and public interest ready for the festival. This was good fun, and encouraged me to set up and look out for some good rehearsal photo opportunities, whilst being careful not to give too much away!

     Now we’ve reached the 24:7 Theatre Festival Big Weekend. We have had our final dress rehearsal at Manchester Museum. We can’t wait to share our story and characters with everybody! Until then, I’ll look forward to seeing what the other Foot In The Door interns have been up to… :)

    Jenny Owen, checking out


    Wednesday 1st July – Holley’s Rehearsal Blog

    Today was my turn to lead the rehearsals as stage manager and stepping in as assistant director! This was nerve racking at first, but those jitters soon turned into excitement! When it comes to organisation – I love it! (must be the stage manager in me!) so I had organised a very full and creative day.

    With several costumes, masks and puppets to make and numerous songs to write – we have a lot to do in a short space of time, so we had to get cracking early! To begin with we all did a group warm up and ended on a word association, focus game this was something Jenny (our foot in the door intern) had never played before but she battled with the rest of the scallywags and became the winner, not bad for a first attempt!

    I then split the group up to play to everyone’s strengths, Jess and Jenny were on mask making, as I felt it was time to give Martin  a day off and start making his friends, Chiaki the Crane and Old Billy. Here is the very first and rough prototype of the crane mask just after it had been put together.


    Meanwhile, Tom and Flo got cracking with composing the music to accompany our poem for Chiaki, I played Japanese instrumental music into the room to get a feel for what traditional Japanese music sounds like, as we want it to sound as authentic as possible. We had the poem already so once we had a rough melody we then played around with the tune and the poem to make them fit together.  During this time we shared the song with the whole group and we decided that it sounded much nicer spoken as opposed to being sung – It was great that all of the cast felt this way and were in agreement, it shows me we are all on the same page. Sadly due to illness our director wasn’t with us today,  but thanks to technology we still managed to  play it to her and she gave it her thumbs up, meaning we had one song complete!

    Afterlunch we started to think about the puppets, how we will operate them, attach them, and in general them in general. After throwing around a few ideas, everyone agreed on wearing the butterfly puppets as a belt and operating them on the front of the body, this seemed to work well and will definitely be something we try with the final butterfly puppets for the show!


    After a very busy day, it was time to leave the creative space of the rehearsal room – but not before I could set homework to be done by the following week! I was pleased of me once the cast had been given their tasks, they were already arranging to meet up and get it done before the next rehearsal , now if that isn’t the sign of a productive rehearsal and an eager team, then I don’t know what is!

    It is fantastic to have everyone on board and working so hard together, I am loving every minute of being stage manager and assistant director.  I am already excited for the next rehearsal as it means we are one step closer to having a complete show ready for the festival, and by the looks of things, its going to be a fantastic year for the 24:7 theatre festival!


    Martin’s First Rehearsal

    They made sure that I had an indoor plant so that I could rest on it and nibble on the leaves when I got hungry.Today was my first rehearsal with Scallywags Theatre Company and they made me feel really welcome.Ciara 3












    We started with a big warm up and all of the Scallywags ran around the room and even though I have lots of legs, they are very little so I wasn’t as fast as everybody else. There was another exercise that everybody else found really difficult but I couldn’t understand why. They called it The Plank!

    Ciara 6

    We all had a go at song writing today but my handwriting isn’t very good so the Scallywags helped me to write down my ideas. We started by writing the song’s lyrics and thinking about the different characters that I will meet on my journey.We wrote lots of exciting words on bits of scrap paper and then mixed them all together and we managed to come up with a whole song. I am very proud of it! 


    Ciara 2








    Then my tummy started to grumble and I began munching on the pieces of paper so our Director Emma decided it was time for lunch.

    Ciara 5

    After I had filled my tummy it was time for the boring stuff. We spent this afternoon sending lots of emails, it really is hard work putting a show together but I know it is going to be brilliant. Today has been such hard work and I am very tired now so I going home to snuggle on my leaf for a big snooze.  

    See you next week!

    Martin X

    Ciara 1

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