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Tickets are £3 each. Book for all four readings and pay just £10! Click Here

The Circus
by Chris Salt, directed by Louie Ingham

It’s just before Xmas and family, friends, lovers and loneliness are 
uppermost in the minds of the drinkers in The Circus. As histories and
hopes are rehearsed in front of strangers, will anyone leave the bar
unscathed or unchanged?

  Venue: Three Minute Theatre
Mon 23rd 6.00pm
Red Light Soho
by Phil Setren, directed by Chris Bridgman

A fragile man is on the run from the Soho underworld, and from the lover who's threatening to steal his home and identity.

  Venue: Three Minute Theatre
Tue 24th 6.00pm
Judas was a Ginger
by Ryan Cerenko, directed by Sue Reddish

You want to end it all; it just so happens so does your work colleague on the same night in the same office. Trying to be 'Mr Perfect' in today's world can lead to some serious delusions about the world. Can you realise this before one of you leaves it for good?

  Venue: Three Minute Theatre
Wed 25th 6.00pm
Bed & Breakfast
by Jayne Lewis, directed by Joyce Branagh

Man and Wife come to realise this isn’t quite the life they had planned, and decide to strike while the iron is hot, and seek change. A witty story of an average romance, punctuated by classic love songs from several decades.

  Venue: Three Minute Theatre
Thu 26th 6.00pm

Tickets are £3 each. Book for all four readings and pay just £10! Click Here