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The Bluest Blue
A young bookseller is tackled by a predatory traffic warden, and a street cleaner sweeps up the pieces
The Fading Hum
Two estranged brothers struggle to face up to their father's death. Set against the backdrop of a world without bees...
A haunting, lyrical drama, charting the heartbreaking homecoming of an absentee father and his grown up children.
The Inconsistent Whisper of Insanity
If at fifteen you 'slept' to wake aged seventy-six, to what ends would you go to find out what happened in those 'lost years'?
A dark comedy about three wardens on a nature reserve on the remote Farne Islands off the Northumberland coast.
Make Believe
If you let it your mind can take you anywhere... A comedy that leaves a lot to the imagination.
No View From The Window
Armed with a fish slice and a bottle of Matey there is something Louise needs to do. A powerful, disturbing and witty one woman play.
A robbery goes wrong, leading to a hostage situation. One hell of a venue for a school reunion.
A play about nostalgia, family, mistakes... and ninety minute cassette tapes.
To understand the past, you have to relive it.
Stuck wearing fancy-dress in the middle of field - what would EWE do? Follow your dreams or follow the herd?