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"24:7 is like a rash. Before you know it's all over the place! And it keeps coming back!! It's rightly gaining recognition nationwide for discovering and performing brilliant new writing. Come and get it!"
John Henshaw
Actor and Chairman

"It's exciting to see the festival, along with the plays it helps create, grow and develop. Attracting national attention, the festival gives phenomenal momentum to Manchester's talent."

Vicky Binns
Actor - Molly Dobbs, Coronation Street - and 24:7 Patron


"So many great new plays have launched at 24:7 since I became patron in 2004. This year's ten look like another tasty crop. Enjoy!"
Robert Powell
Actor and 24:7 Patron

"24:7 is an exhilarating outburst of excitement, innovation and energy that has become one of the real highlights of the theatrical calendar. And you'll be able to show off to all your friends about seeing important new writing first!"

Kevin Bourke
Arts writer and broadcaster



"I love the buzz of 24:7. It's such a great week. The shows are always engaging, often surprising, frequently stimulating, and never too long."
Chris Honer
Artistic Director - Library Theatre, Manchester
"Playwriting has been re-energised in Manchester. A generation is developing in the city for whom writing for theatre is as exciting and urgent as rock and roll and stand up comedy and football. There is an explosion of new plays, new theatre companies and new writers. There is no doubt that 24:7 is absolutely at the heart of that."
Simon Stephens

"24:7 has re-ignited, not just locally but nationally, the notion of what Fringe Theatre can be. Work that sits outside, scratching on the door, waiting for its chance to pounce. Rough, raw and real opportunites for emerging theatre artists. Putting the writer first, critically, ensures that at the centre of these opportunites new and important voices are being heard. It's inspiring."


Matthew Dunster
Director, playwright and actor

"Having my play Moving Pictures at the festival in 2005 was a huge and invaluable turning point for my writing career. Since then I’ve watched the festival go from strength to strength and always with the writer at the heart of it."


Cathy Crabb
Playwright and actor

"24:7 gets bigger and better every year. During July Manchester is 24:7 and 24:7 is Manchester!"
David Fleeshman
"24:7 is an exciting festival with such a variety of work; it's really cranked up Manchester's name for new and exciting work, there's such a creative buzz in the city the week of the festival. It really is a fantastic place for audience and performers alike."

Cherylee Houston
Actor - Izzy Armstrong, Coronation Street
"Drama starts with the writing. It is the writer that offers the map to directors, actors, audiences. It is the writer, examining the world in its absurdities and agonies, that enables theatre to renew itself. 24:7 has always been exciting and exhilarating. It is now indispensible for the discovery and development of new voices for a new theatre. The best reason to be in Manchester in July."
Les Smith
Co-writer, "And Did Those Feet" Octagon Theatre, Bolton, 2010
"The 24:7 Festival is growing into the most important festival of new writing in the country. Set aside that week in July and grab as much of it as you can!"
Martin Thomasson
Co-writer, "And Did Those Feet" Octagon Theatre, Bolton, 2010

 “It's great to see 24/7 returning for another year of theatrical imagination and passion. Unique in the UK for the focussed and supportive way in which it brings writers, directors, actors and producers together to create a festival of new work, 24/7 is a beacon of new talent and a symbol of Manchester's can-do spirit.”

John McGrath
Artistic Director, National Theatre of Wales

“24:7 goes from strength to strength and has become such an integral part of the creative fabric of Manchester, I can’t imagine a summer without it!”

Liz O'Neill
Zion Arts Centre
  " Why do they think it's just Stephen Morrissey and Shaun Ryder; when a city has such a collection of lyric writers for popular song, don't you think the ability to reflect emotion in language is beginning to emerge in other stages than the live music stage... the stage, for example, and that's where 24:7 comes in... a showcase for the dramatic talents of a very talented city..."
Anthony Wilson
Whose words live on....