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Our 2012 festival finishes on Friday 27 July. Please keep visiting the website for updates and sign up for the eNews above.

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"I'm delighted to see that 24:7 is once again demonstrating that performance with passion reaches audiences. This Festival is at the heart of new theatre-making."
Robert Powell
Actor and 24:7 Patron

"24:7 is like a rash. Before you know it's all over the place! And it keeps coming back!! It's rightly gaining recognition nationwide for discovering and performing brilliant new writing. Come and get it!"
John Henshaw
Actor and Trustee

"It's exciting to see the festival, along with the plays it helps create, grow and develop. Attracting national attention, the festival gives phenomenal momentum to Manchester's talent."

Vicky Binns
Actor and trustee


“24:7 is the transfusion of life that new writing in Manchester needed. Not only Manchester but countrywide.
It's great to see a successful idea take root and spread and grow and get copied! I'm proud to be a part of it.

Power to your Lionhearts!”

Noreen Kershaw
Director, actor and trustee



“24:7 remains a key cultural initiative for Manchester and the North West, a dynamic, bottom-up movement for the open-source world we live in. 24:7 has become an invaluable step for playwrights, allowing them to hone their work in front of an audience, and has contributed hugely to the health of Manchester theatre.”

John McGrath
Artistic Director, National Theatre of Wales

"Can this really be the eighth year of 24:7, the enormously exciting celebration of new writing and local talent? It truly is one of the highlights of the theatrical calendar and an absolutely essential event for smart people like you to fit into your glamorous and hectic schedules."

Kevin Bourke
Arts writer and broadcaster



"I love the buzz of 24:7. It's such a great week. The shows are always engaging, often surprising, frequently stimulating, and never too long."
Chris Honer
Artistic Director - Library Theatre, Manchester
“It is thrilling that 24:7 continues to thrive. It has established itself as one of the defining weeks in Manchester Theatre and one of the key events of the New Writing calendar. It remains alert, searching, surprising and exploratory. It remains essential.”
Simon Stephens

"24:7 has re-ignited, not just locally but nationally, the notion of what Fringe Theatre can be. Work that sits outside, scratching on the door, waiting for its chance to pounce. Rough, raw and real opportunites for emerging theatre artists. Putting the writer first, critically, ensures that at the centre of these opportunites new and important voices are being heard. It's inspiring."


Director, playwright, actor and Artistic Adviser to 24:7

“24:7 continues to produce some absolute gems, always with the writer at the heart of it.”


Cathy Crabb
Playwright and actor

“24:7 season 8 is nearly upon us and I for one am really looking forward to it.
Having had the privilege of reading a few of the scripts as well as knowing several of the actors and creative teams that are now in pre production, I have no doubt that Season 8 is going to be bigger and better than ever. Book early, there are some cracking shows to be caught. Can't wait!”

David Fleeshman
"Thirteen premières and a Big Weekend! Year on year 24:7 keeps growing as a festival. Every year I thoroughly enjoy coming along. It’s an amazing festival for actors, writers and audiences alike."

Cherylee Houston
Actor - Izzy Armstrong, Coronation Street
“I once lived in a desert town in northern Sudan called Shendi. It was on the banks of the Nile. Irrigation channels reached out on either side of the river, and, wherever they could reach, there was life and growth and colour. And where they didn't the desert stretched, barren and stony, for hundreds of miles. Manchester's 24:7 theatre festival is an irrigation channel for the imagination. Let it bloom!”
Les Smith
Award-winning playwright
“The quality of acting and directing professionals lining up to participate is an indication that 24:7 is steadily becoming the most significant festival of new writing in the country.”
Martin Thomasson
Award-winning playwright

“24:7 is a great sounding board, a terrific testing ground for your work with a ready-made audience to boot. I would say to any would-be playwright – ‘ Get it on, get it out there!’”

Aelish Michael

“24:7 goes from strength to strength and has become such an integral part of the creative fabric of Manchester, I can’t imagine a summer without it!”

Liz O'Neill
Zion Arts Centre
  " Why do they think it's just Stephen Morrissey and Shaun Ryder; when a city has such a collection of lyric writers for popular song, don't you think the ability to reflect emotion in language is beginning to emerge in other stages than the live music stage... the stage, for example, and that's where 24:7 comes in... a showcase for the dramatic talents of a very talented city..."
Anthony Wilson
Whose words live on....